Zombies Infection Scare Prank!

How do they do all this without getting arrested?

Nothing seems out of the ordinary in a peaceful suburb with people making their way home without a care in the world but what they are about to experience turns the peace completely on its head.

It’s a normal evening as two men stroll down a peaceful suburban street when suddenly a 138 decibel air raid siren whines and startles them.  They turn around confused and puzzled and then there is an explosion in the distance ahead of them. A ball of flame and a huge nuclear mushroom cloud lights up the skyline.  Thenin front of them, out of the side streets and bushes come a host of Zombies. Covered in blood the Zombie head straight for the two unsuspecting men and screaming and moaning they chase them down the street.  Is it real or some idea of a joke?

On the other side of town two men make their way up a stairway to a rooftop parking lot. As they reach the top they are confronted by a scene of a car wreck. Two cars on their side, flames everywhere and bodies lying beside the cars. They gasp and question what they are seeing and as they do the bodies stand up.


The Zombies moan and groan and pace towards the men who turn to run down the steps they have just come up only to be confronted by another zombie dressed as a dead patient from the nearby hospital. Trapped they turn and find a gap and run across the rooftop being chased by Zombie screaming for dear life.  Is it real or some idea of a joke?

An hour later in the same rooftop parking lot two men stand waiting by their car when from the other side of the parking lot they see a man walking towards them. He is moaning and limping  and when the men ask him who he is he heads straight toward them, they tell him to go away but he continues to limp toward them.

Scared the men scramble into their car and as their doors slam shut they soon find themselves surrounded by Zombies.  The Zombies surround their car, some climb on it and the pair tries driving away covered in Zombies. They seem unable to shake them, they drive down the ramp and onto the road below.  Most of the Zombies have been shaken but one continues to hang on to the car, terrifying the occupants.  Is it real or some idea of a joke?

Another hour later in another part of town two people are walking home after a night out. It’s a quiet evening and then from the grassland and bushes next to them three zombies, one in a German army uniform all carrying picks and shovels one of which is on fire, appear.  Being chased down the path the men decide to “get the hell out”  and race across the grassland with the fire carrying Zombies close behind. Is it real or some kind of joke?

Finally the night of Zombies has to end and a lone man makes his way home through a tunnel. Graffiti all around him but well lit the man feels extremely safe until… he reaches the end of the tunnel and out of nowhere a host of Zombies, covered in blood, carrying hammers and axes with large dogs in tow appear. The man screams, turns and runs.  Is this for real or some idea of joke?