Zombies On The Subway Prank

Seriously, this is beyond anything you’ve ever seen before.

Most prank videos aren’t in it for the long con; they feature someone doing something stupid like walking around with a donkey and then screaming “Nice ass!” from really far away while a few girls walk by. Sure that’s funny (I guess), but it’s short and quick. There’s no atmosphere, no psychological trauma guaranteed to make the prank-ed piss their bed at night and wake up drenched in sweat.

This, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, falls under that latter description.

The people in this prank video get subjected to flashing lights, a train conductor begging for help over the loudspeakers, zombies outside the train plus a BONUS zombie inside the train. Oh, and they’re trapped. The main thing here is that they can’t run away, they’re stuck going through a zombie apocalypse until the pranksters decide it’s gone on long enough and that whatever footage they’ve gotten is good enough to splice into a Youtube prank video. Yes it’s amusing and yes, I laughed at one point, but this thing also sent shivers down my spine because it’s one of the most f*cked up prank videos I’ve seen to date.