Woman attacks a cat and that cat teaches her a lesson!

She started it and the cat finished it.

A woman suffered serious facial injuries after being mauled by a vicious cat, in an incident which was caught on CCTV.
The woman submitted the video of the attack to Fox 2 News in Detroit and it is now making the rounds around the web. It happened at her Melvin home, which is about an hour east of Flint.

The attack was caught on tape by the woman’s security camera. As the woman kicks snow at the cat to keep it away from her dog, it lunges and begins scratching and biting her face. According to Fox 2 News, the woman had to be hospitalized after the cat bit her forehead and she contracted cellulitis, and infection caused by bacteria.

The woman took in the cat she called Buddy over the summer. After the attack Sanilac County officials picked Buddy up to test him for rabies. Those tests came back negative.