What happens when you don’t pay your employees

Boss car being crushed by big excavator

A huge machine driven by a angry employee crushes a car that seems to be the boss car! That happens when you do not pay your employees at the right time! Employees who were on strike for a few days were filled of promises and days of work without paying decide to use a less common form of protest in which way to draw the attention of management. So during an interview, a machine crushes car driver boss. Several tons  machine passes smoothly over the car that instantly turn into a pile of irons and plastic. Method of people is extreme but it seems that is the only way employees manage to pull a warning about how management treats people. The method seems to have worked, management scared by the negative reaction of the workers decided to pay people a part of salaries. The event was filmed during the interview and was broadcast later at a prime time for local television, people have received hundreds of messages of support from around the country were many viewers agree with their unusual but effective method of protest.