This is how you handle road rage like a boss!

Road rage goes wrong!

Terrifying road rage caught on camera as US marine attacks car and threatens to kill teenage driver and his disabled sister… who try to drown him out by turning up the radio.

A teenager trapped in a car with his disabled sister managed to keep calm while an aggressive marine raged outside – by turning up the radio and listening to AC/DC.

Mike McCurdy-Quintana was with his sister Bree – who is a marine herself and is now confined to a wheelchair following an injury – when the incident occurred and she caught his violent outburst on camera.

After the two cars touched bumpers, Sergeant Joshua Brigthman stormed out of the truck and approached the 19-year-old’s window.

But instead of reasoning with him, Mr Brightman saw red – and threatened to kill him.

Mr McCurdy-Quintana locked the windows and turned up the radio, which was playing an AC/DC song, to drown out the marine’s expletive-laden tirade.

Infuriated that he was being ignored, Mr Brightman turned on Mr McCurdy-Quintana’s sister who was on her way to collect her three-year-old son from nursery in Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, San Diego, in the US.