This guy is a true freak!

Why is he wearing a ”Zyzz” shirt tho

This is the man with the biggest muscles in Brazil after boasting 29 inch BICEPS. But Arlindo de Souza’s monster guns could come at the ultimate cost after injecting himself with a lethal concoction. The 43-year-old’s colossal 29 INCH biceps are the result of pumping OIL and ALCOHOL into his arms.
The filler is absorbed into the body to give the appearance of muscle.
But it can cause horrific infections and some heavy users have had their arms amputated – and some even died.

Arlindo, known as ‘The Mountain’ in his hometown of Olinda, injected three times a week for just two months to achieve his supersized look.

The muscle man had already been taking a cocktail of steroids, hormones and horse vitamins to bulk up when a gym buddy offered him a ‘site enhancement oil’ to help pull ahead of his rivals.

The oil concoction Arlindo injected is believed to contain mostly mineral oil, which is similar to baby oil but unscented, and smaller amounts of alcohol and anaesthetic.

Worryingly, he has said it can easily be bought online or under-the-counter at rogue pharmacies.

And, though he has stopped using and warns others to stay away from it, he says it is continuing to sweep across body-conscious Brazil and South America.