This 6-year-old boy without legs is truly inspirational!

This kid has a true heart of a champion!

 Isaiah Bird, 6, who was born without legs, lives in a shelter in Freeport, New York, with his mother and two-year-old brother. The mountainous adversity thrown upon him could break any normal man, but there is something to be said about the pure and innocent heart of a child, yearning only to be happy.

“He has no clue what’s going on in his life. He’s such a happy kid that he doesn’t know he doesn’t have a bed, doesn’t have a TV,” said Miguel Rodriguez, Isaiah’s wrestling coach, during an interview with Mark La Monica of Newsday. “…Wrestling is the only thing this kid talks about. In wrestling, he can actually feel normal because he’s the man.”

Wrestling is often considered the great equalizer in all forms of athletic competition. It’s a sport that isn’t dictated by size, strength or natural athletic ability. It’s a sport where anyone can be a giant or hero—regardless of how big they are.

The fact that Bird doesn’t have legs is irrelevant when he’s on the mat. He wears his singlet proud, like a shiny suit of armor draped over a modern-day warrior. For a moment in time, everything else in Isaiah’s life fades away, and he is looked at and treated like every other kid.

He is viewed and treated as a gladiator.

“Yeah, I have no legs, but I don’t need no legs. I’m a wrestler, I’m a gladiator,” Bird told News 12 Long Island