These mexican pranksters are crazy!

How would you react if somebody did this to you?!

A group of pranksters making viral videos have their own program on Mexican cable television and have been getting backlash from the Mexican public. With absurd pranks that some call vandalism and assault, Alberto Ordaz, who runs around in character as El Rey Grupero de la Condesa does every thing from place dog excrement into people’s hands to throwing buckets of water on unsuspecting pedestrians.  And that’s just the beginning.

City cops, club bouncers and celebrities are all targets. Recently Ordaz and his partners have been pranking female celebs by stealing kisses from the likes of Playboy models and other Latina celebrities. The actions could be described as sexual assault.
Although the pranks often cross the line there’s been no news about Ordaz or his pranking partner Andoni Echave being arrested or sued for their actions. They have however been repeatedly beat up by some prank victims who are fast enough to catch them.