The Most Brutal Knockout In Women’s Boxing History

Watch different angle replay at 1:58 mark!

In a televised bout, after two minutes of cautious boxing, underdog Ann Wolfe, slipping punches and countering, landed a counter right hook to the jaw, knocking out confident 6’6, 170 pound 18-0 Vonda Ward. The announcer, James Smith, called it “the best single punch I have seen in women’s boxing”. Ward was on her back, unable to move while the referee took her mouthpiece out. The ringside physician and medical attendants attended to her. As a precaution, Ward was very carefully carried out of the ring on a stretcher with an oxygen mask attached to her face. CSI television coverage announced later on during the card that Ward was okay. TV commentators had noted right away that Vonda was standing straight up with her chin sticking out. Wolfe saw it and waited for an opening.