The Funnest Family Ever

Too hilarious!

Some people think that life is over after starting a family, but for the Eh Bee family seems like the fun has just begun. The Eh Bee’s is the name that they go by on their Vine. Based in Toronto, Canada they make people literally laugh-out-loud by posting some of the most outrageous videos.

“I’m just a geeky Internet guy who works in the market research business,” he said. “We wanted to see if we could keep it clean and come up with stuff folks would find funny. For us, it’s just being goofs and having fun.”

The family prefers to keep their family name private, but Andreas —the father— says that they have been doing Vines for over a year after the dad downloaded a short video-making app after reading about it on a tech blog. Some of the videos stem from everyday life, but often the family just pulls out the phone and starts shooting.

Usually, the spur of the moment ones do much better than the ones we overthink,” he says. Andre’s daughter, in particular, has a knack for the camera and has become somewhat of a star in the videos.