The Dangers Of Social Media

An online social experiment that will shock viewers around the world.

The fact is that whilst there are many young girls who are only too wary of new unknown friends on the social media platforms they use there are still a large enough number of girls who are not or are simply scammed into meeting some dream boy or other.

This fact was something that fixated well known social media prankster Coby Persin and he set out, with the help of some willing parents to prove to some girls and many viewers that meeting a strange man from Facebook can be dangerous.  Watch as these young girls learn a valuable life lesson…

The first target is a 13 year old girl called Mikayla. She has been chatting to Coby who under a fake profile he created has now set up a meet in the park. Planned to meet in a park near her home when her parents are out Mikayla gets to the park and is confronted by Coby, not the boy she was chatting to. Hidden in the park her dad sees the whole thing and really is not impressed.

The second target is 12 year old Juliana, yes 12 years old. Again chatting to Coby with his fake profile. Coby wants to meet her at her house and Juliana says she will have to wait for her father to fall asleep. Her father though is with Coby and not in the house. He hopes and prays his precious daughter will not come to the door. They drive to the house and make their way to the front door where Coby has messaged her to come to the door. Praying she won’t come to the door, Juliana’s dad is right behind Coby. To his shock the door opens and his 12 year old daughter is standing there. Juliana gets the biggest shock of all and tears flow as she says “sorry”.  Hopefully a lesson has been learnt.

For the next target, 14 year old Jenna, Coby decides to up his game to something that is so real and so terrifying for the victim. Waiting in a van, Coby, again with his fake profile, entices the young girl to meet him. Parked up, in the dead of night the young girl walks out of her house, walks to the van, opens the passenger door and climbs in next to Coby.  Then from behind two masked figures in balaclavas reach over from the back of the van and grab the girl. She screams, tries to escape but is held back, terrified.

Then the masked figures say “jenna, stop, stop. It’s your mother and father”. The screams are chilling and the fear felt by the young girl is beyond real.  Jenna soon feels very ashamed as her parents give her the lecture on what could have happened.  A truly sorry state indeed.

Watch this video, share it with your loved ones and hopefully a valuable lesson will be learnt and they will not be the next local news headline.

By Matt Newnham