Teen sees what it’s like to be a snitch

Don’t be a snitch.

Those brats that we have back at home is like they don’t know what life is or what it is to do with the time and blessings they have in their hands. They are ready to either get murdered, arrested or go on and attempt a suicide of the pressure they get into once they get sucked into any of the neighborhood gangs. These gangs are like leeches that look cool in the beginning but then when they start sucking too much of their brains and blood they don’t know where to run too.

According to me this the best thing the parents of these kids have done for them that they will owe to later in life. These sucky teenagers thought they knew the world more than their parents and that they were ready to see the wild side of the world wait till you see how they react when they are brought so close to the real world that too in a controlled environment. These kids want to sh*t themselves in the pants. They are brought inside a pod where there are murderers, drug addicts, killers and as long as there are gang bangers inside these kids have a lot of thinking to do about their secure and safe future.