Teen hits officer on Beyond Scared Straight

The policeman said “Hit me if you want”. So she did it..

This video shows a 13 year old girl get exactly what she deserves after she hits a police officer.

“I’m a gangster,” the girl, Leeann brags at the beginning of the video. “I do everything gangsters do. I sag my pants, I listen to what they listen to.”

Leeann’s parents say they are at their whits end, saying that their daughter steals drugs and alcohol and causes trouble wherever she goes.

The young teen’s horrid behavior finally lands her in juvy, and she is NOT happy. Suddenly, Leeann goes from a “gangster” to a whiny little brat as she is given a nice dose of reality.

Things get even worse for Leeann after she tries to slap an officer who is bossing her around. The spoiled baby then learns what happens to people in the REAL world when they don’t follow the rules!

Needless to say, this girl is singing a very different tune by the end of the video.