Stealing Peoples Gas Prank

I think this guy will be killed some day in future.

The Candid Camera TV shows of the 70’s and 80’s have come on a long way, today anyone can film a practical joke or prank. Pranks though have a risk of backfiring and often the backfire is funnier than the prank itself. Take this simple and seemingly harmless “pretend to steal gas from a parked car” prank that leaves this prankster a little worse for wear. Watch as men much bigger than the prankster lose their sense of humour as he seems to be stealing their hard earned gas from their oh so precious cars.  Look how determined they are to make this “boy” pay for messing with the wrong man who is not seeing the funny side of the prank at all. After three or four attempts and with one victim eventually attacking him with a group of men, the prankster gives up, goes home and lives to prank another day.