Slim Jesus – Drill Time

Does he have a future, or does this come off as a joke?

When Hamilton, Ohio based rapper Slim Jesus hit the internet with his now viral hit, “Drill Time”, many wondered if he was for real or just doing a parody video for the sake of entertainment.Borrowing heavily from the drill music sound popularized by a number of Chicago artists such as Chief Keef and Lil Durk, Slim Jesus’ video features him flashing guns and talking tough while accompanied by a number of “friends” who also play it up to the camera not unlike most of the drill music videos you’ve seen before .

After the song took off, the same question came to the forefront over and over again: is he for real? Could this tiny white kid that doesn’t look to weigh more than 110lbs be the most gangsta rapping, body catching, hardcore bad ass we’ve seen thus far ?