Shocking killer clowns video!

Clowns are supposed to be funny but happens when clowns go psycho?

Most kids love clowns and some fear them but as we grow older we soon learn that clowns are nothing but men dressed up in bright coloured costumes with oversized shoes and a painted face. We learn that actually clowns are harmless.  But what happens when a clown goes on a killing spree?

Watch this prank and you will see..

It’s dark and a couple are strolling home romantically in the street light when in the distance, out of site an engine roars into life. It seems a little odd at this time of night so they walk a little further to investigate and then coming straight for them is a road roller driven by a clown!

One person it seems get caught and is flattened by the clown and then he picks up speed and goes chasing after another victim intent on killing again…

In the next scene a group of revellers are walking home at night after a night out, they come to a subway and walk down toward the well light path. As they walk down they don’t notice what is standing in the tunnel at first. Then as they are walking away they here a whistle calling them to turn around and there standing in front of them is a clown wielding a giant hammer with an unconscious body in front of him. As the stunned revellers look on the clown raises the hammer and smashes the head of the body beneath him filling the pavement with blood.

The revellers scream and turn to run and the clown chases them with his hammer and then out of nowhere another clown appears. The group of youngsters split and all around in the dark they scream as killer clowns go after blood…

Next to a bridge over a river where a haunting, blood chilling chord is played by a clown holding a violin.  The up some steps comes another violin playing clown trapping an unsuspecting man just looking out across the river on this blissful evening.  The two single chords chirp and the clowns march toward and close down on the man who not knowing how to escape this clown nightmare leaps for his life into the water below him.

Not far away a family is taking a night time stroll in a park and there in front of them is a clown holding some balloons and hammer.  “Would you like a balloon?”  he asks and then let’s go of the balloons and chases after them “I’ll kill you”. Not your average walk in the park.

In street near the park two joggers approach a bridge. Under the bridge they think they can see a body. They decide to investigate and then as they get closer out of nowhere comes a clown with a chainsaw who chases them away.

And finally a car pulls into a gas station and the owner walks away to the shop to get something.  A clown carrying a jerry can of gas walks up to the car and begins to pour gas all over the car. Whistling a merry tune he even pours gas inside the car and then someone walks up and tries to stop the clown from this arson attempt. The clown laughs, turns and gives chase yelling “I kill you”

These clowns are not funny but the outcomes of these clown pranks are. Watch and enjoy..

By Matt Newnham