Selling A Brick In The Hood Prank!

Just trying to sell a brick in the hood

Everybody loves a good prank, but anytime you try to pull one over on someone, you run the risk of having things go terribly wrong. Some people don’t take too kindly to being turned into a joke, and what starts off as a good time could easily end with someone getting punched in the face, especially in the hood.

Still, one YouTube prankster decided to take his show to the streets and see how many people he could get to cop the brick he’d been carrying around in his backpack.

Now, to most people, a brick is something used to build a wall or a house; but to others, a brick is a bundle of cocaine that can be sold for thousands of dollars.

Just a heads up, if somebody on the streets ever asks you to buy a brick, they sure as hell ain’t talkin’ construction…unless you’re being pranked.

So you already know, when these guys were approached, they thought they knew exactly what kind of brick he was selling. Jokes on them though, because this guy totally got them!

Their reactions were priceless once he pulled the brick out of his backpack, and it’s a miracle he didn’t get laid out for what could have been seen as a set up.

Take a look at this video to see what happens when you try to sell a brick in the hood. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook if you love a good laugh!