Samurai cuts BB gun pellet fired at him in half

Totally amazing. The guy is a master of his art,no doubt.

A sword-wielding Samurai cuts a pea sized bullet traveling 200 miles per hour, fired at him from 70 feet away.

But this is real-life and the super human feat has been achieved by Isao Machii, a modern-day Samurai who started honing his unbelievable sword skills when he was a child.


He was taught by an old master from the age of five and has now graduated to become the headmaster of a samurai school.

Machii’s sword skills have become so accurate that he accepted the challenge from filmmakers to see if he could slice a tiny pellet when shot at him from a BB gun.

All of the action happens at such an incredible speed that it is almost impossible for the human eye to register.

In order to capture this amazing feat on screen, filmmakers used one of the world’s most sophisticated high-speed cameras for slow-motion analysis.

Machii is recorded at 250 times slow motion performing the incredible feat.

The Guinness World Record holder shows incredible hand eye co-ordination to pull off the challenge.