Rogan and Goldberg commentate EA UFC glitches!

I would buy this game just for the glitches!

Even the best wrestlers struggle to do some moves but thanks to these video game glitches the very best in wrestling do the impossible

Despite advancements in computer programming glitches in video games still happen. In this series of wrestling glitches watch as wrestlers perform the impossible and feint for no reason whatsoever.

In the first fight we see two wrestlers battle it out the highly advanced turtle technique is used to make the opponent punch into thin air. This crazy move sees the fighter crawl along on his back seemingly waiting to pounce on his opponent by using his feet. And then amazingly he does brining him down and placing him under what can only be called a spell.

On the floor of the ring the man is down and his bones have clearly been put of joint has he lays on his back defending kicks. This is an amazing move that will clearly never be repeated.

In the second fight a wrestler takes on himself, only in the world of virtual wrestling can this happen and only in the world of virtual wrestling can a man completely freeze his body.  This move is perfect for take downs and uses almost not energy. It makes for very interesting fighting and is a very rare move to catch on film.

We now turn to another fight wear amazing, impossible wresting moves that’s to computer glitches are made totally possible. The Iceman gets back on his feet and then produces the ultimate psychic knockout and falls flat to the floor. An amazing move that you will have to watch more than once to fully appreciate.

Gravity plays a huge role in fighting and what goes up must come down. In the next amazing move where an awesome merry-go-round flying kick defies the rules of physics as a man flies through the air with the greatest of ease.

And then comes a superb big 1080 spin take down and again this can only ever happen if the opponent is taking on himself. The effectiveness of this take down is absolutely unbelievable.

But what would real life fighting be like it a man could literally fly through the air and leap small buildings in a single bound. No it is not superman it is yet another amazing glitch that makes the impossible possible.

It is  not just the guys that can do the impossible even the girls get in on the glitch action.  A huge sliding taking down brings a fighter to the floor but without her opponent knowing she escapes to stand back to watch the volley of air punches tire her opponent out. But no she is not tired, she turns and then out of nowhere produces an extremely difficult buck back mount.  This really is an impossible move made possible.

Feet wrestling is common but when mixed with sorcery and magic the fighting moves are quite unbelievable. Watch as magic takes over and produces some amazing fight action.

And finally what is fight action without some first class dance moves and of course the ghost of the arena taking over the action?

Watch and enjoy. Do not try any of these moves at home.

By Matt Newnham