New level of archery

Green Arrow , Hawkeye , Legolas and  Katniss are lame compare to this fellow.

Adventure lovers for generations have wondered exactly how useful archers might be in a modern venue of combat. We wondered how they might far in close quarters, how they could compete with swords and guns and fists. We’ve relegated them to the shadows as snipers or human catapults. For years, we’ve seen superheroes like Hawkeye and Green Arrow with over the shoulder arrow quivers flip and hop from rooftops and moving vehicles launch garages of arrows in feats that seem unlikely and unrealistic.

We’ve erroneously considered splitting an arrow in a target as the height of archery. Sorry Robin Hood, you aren’t as good a shot as we thought you were.

Enter Lars Anderson. For a decade Anderson has dedicated his life to archery and researching historical documents to see exactly what a real combat archer could do. What might a skilled military man accomplish with a bow and arrow? Can archers be as dynamic as Legolas in Lord of the Rings? Or more so? Anderson answers deftly to the amazement of any human being with the eyes to see it. Check out this video below and have your entire sense of archery blown away.

You’ll never question the use of Hawkeye or the Green Arrow again, that’s for sure.