Most gangsta interview ever!


Messing up with black people in the most violent of areas is like you have called upon your own death because as this report goes deep inside the gangster regions of New Orleans you will know how dangerous it is to be living in the state surrounded by such violent people who don’t wish to get out of it through proper channel.

Ross Kemps took his Dangerous Worlds series to the underground violent world of the criminals of New Orleans. This might seem like an easy job for many people out there who simply sit on their chairs and watch the videos but what Kemps had gone through to come out with this episode is nothing less than a risk. The gangsters that he had interviewed were armed and aggressive. They were trying to get their aggression out through words for they feel hate towards the society for rejecting them after they got out of jail. They feel they never got opportunity when they even tried to lay themselves straight, and that now they believe that they have the right to get everything and anything they want through any means. ‘Ya hear me’ was the only thing one of them emphasized upon and that’s well what Kemps did.