Meanwhile In Iraq.

Man has balls to be focusing on the camera.. smh

The soldier is believed to be fighting in Mosul as part of the Popular Mobilization Units – the Iraqi state-sponsored organisation composed of some 40 militias fighting the war against ISIS. What a brave mother f**ker. Somebody get him a periscope to find those bastard’s firing position.
Just inches from death, the sound of bullets being fired rings out as an Iraqi soldier desperately hides in his trench. With just sandbags protecting him from the deadly shots of the terrorists’ rifles, the soldier calmly waits for his moment to retaliate. At one point, a bullet is shot through a sandbag just centimetres away from the Iraqi fighter’s head. The sniper fire is fast and relentless. |He is barely able to shoot back before another round of bullets fires towards him. Forced to lie flat on the ground, the fighter only just avoids being hit in the terrifying bombardment.