Man Takes an Ak-47 Bullet to the Head

Russian soldier cheated death as he had bullet lodged in his head!

This video shows a hard-to-believe incident that seems more like a miracle. It presents that how a normal man can defeat the metal, or more precisely, can defeat death. The man in the video belongs to Russia and is from a middle-class background. The incident that happened to him can be an end of life for most of us but for him, it is a life-changer. Through all that rush, a booming bullet shot from an AK-47 managed to hit this man straight in his forehead. All the people around were sure to see him dead the very next moment but to everyone’s surprise, the man was standing absolutely okay with no injuries to be seen. The shot that could have killed anyone had visibly no effect on this Russian guy. He had vanquished death as said by many people who witnessed the entire incident. But what he did next was even more shocking! He took a pair of pliers lying near him and with those, he pulled out the bullet from his forehead like pulling out a nail from the wall. All this stunned everyone like hell. The camera shooting the scene captured his serene smile that he gave to the camera after he managed to take that metal out of his forehead. Truly unbelievable! This man was being called to be the some alien or may be a real-life terminator who might have some super powers due to which he could skip death. But that was not true. All that happened was that fate favored this guy and he amazed everyone with his courage and fearlessness.