Man Gets Totally Ignored At Pool Party

He gets totally ignored even that he has all those muscles

Here’s a cringeworthy video clip of a muscle man looking pretty lonely at a pool party. Maybe he should flex some more? He was recording himself if you didn’t notice. Yeah, it’s nothing special. There are many douchebags at parties, Vegas ect. I expected more out of this video, he’s just acting like a normal douchebag, but…

He is not a douchbag, his is very famous, his name is robert burneika, he and his friend are making short movies from vacations, events, etc just to show himself to his fans, like celebrity smth like that. Movies are often funny showing his lfe from short distance. Some gags etc. He has maintain a healthy distance from himself and make fun of himself. He is very good person, he lives in CA, and very famous in poland, people like him becouse he is not a douchbag. Thats why.