Mad Max Go Kart Paintball Battle

I feel like I just watched the movie again. Awesome.

In among all the usual overblown blockbuster garbage like The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Fantastic Four and the woeful Pixels, there were a few genuinely excellent movies released this year. For our money, the best one of all was Mad Max: Fury Road, which was released back in May to rapturous applause and mass critical acclaim. If you still ain’t seen it, we suggest you drop everything now and go and do so RIGHT NOW! It’s that damn good.

To celebrate the forthcoming release of Warner Brothers’ tie-in Mad Max game, the studio got together with filmmaker Devin Graham and a few of his buddies to recreate one of the movie’s epic desert chases … but with a twist. What is that twist? They did the whole thing with go-karts and paintball guns. This is some pretty epic stuff. If the game’s anywhere near as good as Mad Max: Fury Road and this spot-on go-kart tribute to what is perhaps the best movie of the year, we might just check that out too.