Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbott full fight

KImbo… thats what I called street fighter.

This is exactly what happened when the mean, tough pure street fighting machine of Kimbo Slice took to the MMA ring at the Bank United Centre in Miami, Florida. With a capacity crowd all wanting to see some real action the atmosphere was more than electric.Kimbo Slice has no black belts in martial arts, no true record to speak of and is just a fighting machine on a mission to prove he can not just compete but can win in the Mixed Martial Arts game.

Taking on a legend in Mixed Martial Arts, Kimbo Slice is 8 years younger than his opponent Tank Abbott. Tank About is shorter by 2 inches but almost 30 pounds heavier and when it’s heavy with these fighters every pound is pure muscle. This is a showdown of all showdowns for Mixed Martial Arts in a fight judged on Striking, Grappling, Effective Aggression and cage control with no knees or downward elbows allowed to the head of a downed opponent. Three Judges will score this fight on a 10 point system and only the referee or doctor can stop the fight, and what fight this looks set to be.

Three Five minute rounds of Mixed Martial Arts action designed to test two of the best fighters on the planet, one with experience of MMA with 9 wins, 13 losses with 5 wins from knockout and 3 by submission.  Tank Abbott is a true pioneer of Mixed Martial Arts facing an opponent who has the crowd behind him and is a street fighting legend with just 1 fight and 1 win by submission, Kimbo Slice has a lot to prove.

Tank Abbott has been in Mixed Martial Arts since 1995 and the question asked is which version of Tank will be seen in this match, Sherman or something else. As the crowd cries “Kimbo, Kimbo, Kimbo”  who calls himself a bear and a lion Kimbo Slice has a lot to prove.

As the bell rings immediately Tank Abbott and Kimbo Slice head to the centre of the ring with aggression from Kimbo stalling the fight. Tank stumbles and falls as the aggression of Kimbo Slice delivers exactly what the crowd want, silencing the critics in a few short, sharp blows. Kimbo Slice takes down the fighter that is really hard to take down and proves his point that he is a legitimate Mixed Martial Arts contender in just a few seconds of the first round – even Tank Abbot can concede to this… there is a new master of Mixed Martial Arts and his name is Kimbo Slice.