Kimbo Slice vs Seth Petruzelli

Watch different angle replay at 4:16 mark

Kimbo Slice,  the ultimate street fighter and Mixed Martial Arts champion is not just a fighter. Kimbo Slice is a machine, the crowds love him, his opponents fear him and he is deadly with his fists and feet. 6 feet of a head to toe muscle with a double dose of mean, when you fight Kimbo Slice you need to be afraid and be sure to know you will come off second best.

This is exactly how Seth Petruzelli must have felt when he turned up for an evening of fighting to find himself fighting Kimbo Slice in the main event of the night. Smaller than Slice, lighter than Slice and nowhere near as mean as Slice, Petruzelli has no option but to face up to this awesome opponent and do his best knowing he has a better chance of coming second in this fight of two men.

Psyching himself up for the fight of his life Petruzelli could easily be overcome by the pro-Kimbo crowd in the house tonight but he wants to show them something they have never seen before. The match is set for 3 five minute rounds, 3 rounds of rib cracking, jaw breaking Mixed Martial Arts action but Petruzelli has other plans.

On his side Petruzelli has pace and this he can use to overcome the power and meanness of Slice. The bell rings and the fight begins, Slice immediately charges at Pretruzelli raining down punches and then Petruzelli raises his foot and catches the mean man mountain of Kimbo Slice completely off guard. Slice loses his balance and Petruzelli seizes the opportunity to take and keep his opponent down.

Petruzelli lays in with a steady volley of punches that prevent the powerful Slice from getting back to his feet. The referee stops the fight, Petruzelli has won, the man who is a fraction  of the size of Kimbo Slice has won the fight of his life. The crowd go crazy and Seth Petruzelli cannot believe what he has done and tonight he has not just stunned the crowd but has stunned the entire world of Mixed Martial Arts in one of the most amazing victories of all time.