Kimbo Slice almost knocked out in the 1st round in a boxing match!

Scores an amazing comeback victory in the 2nd round!

Recovering from a strong combination that left the erstwhile street fighter and mixed martial artist wobbled, Kimbo Slice finished Shane Tilyard with a left hook to the liver in the second round at the Entertainment Centre in Sydney.

“Shane Tilyard, God bless him, he is a tough guy,” said Slice, 38, who was born as Kevin Ferguson and gained fame as a Miami hooligan battering lowlifes in street brawls and then posting videos of the violent thrashings on YouTube.

The menacing 6-foot-1, 225 pound Slice (7-0, 6 KOs), a Bahamian muscleman who accumulated a mark of 4-2 as a mixed martial artist, remains a somewhat popular attraction for the exact aggressiveness that overcame the 26-year-old Tilyard (6-7, 6 KOs).

However, the 5-foot-11, 250 pound Tilyard proved that the graying Slice will never amount to more than something of a modern day Butterbean.

Slice, a man who possibly could have flourished as a heavyweight prizefighter during his youth and inflicted serious damage against opponents in a division devoid of talent, undoubtedly possesses thunderous power in both fists and has shown decent boxing skills for an individual lacking much formal training in the ring.

Regardless, considering the Miamian labeled the underwhelming Shane Tilyard “a tough guy,” it’s evident that Kimbo Slice is now scrapping strictly for loot.