Garrett G-Money Holeve MMA fighter.

“I fight because it makes me happy, it makes me feel good.”

Garrett G-Money Holeve is recognized as one of the pioneers in adaptive athletics.
When Garrett Holeve began playing sports, at the age of 5, there were limited opportunities for adaptive athletes. Together with his father and coach, Garrett participated in the “typical” youth athletic leagues. He played optimist baseball, as well as, basketball.  He continued to play basketball until he aged out of youth leagues.  Searching for something new, Garrett ventured into American Top Team in Davie, Fl. and began his MMA career. On November 8 2014 he earned a victory in his first sanctioned MMA bout  . He continues to compete in MMA and is an avid CrossFit competitor.
Garrett and his family know how athletic training has benefited his overall health and fitness level. Most importantly his self-confidence and self-esteem have also increased. He has taken an active interest in coaching and training adaptive athletes of all ages.
Garrett’s fight foundation was established by Garrett and his family to support, train and advocate for adaptive athletes.