Ferrari 458 Spider Runs Over Cop

The next time this Ferrari owner is handed a parking ticket he’ll probably just accept it.

However, when the driver of a $257,000 Ferrari 458 returned to his car yesterday to find a policeman issuing him a fine he did just the opposite.

He refused to listen to the policeman, hopped behind the wheel and then seemingly drove over the officer’s foot.

As his girlfriend – MTV The Hills’ star Stephanie Pratt – looked on helplessly, the man was hauled out the sports car, thrown to the ground and handcuffed.

Adding to the driver’s embarrassment,Damian Mory, a passer-by in Manhattan’s swanky SoHo district, caught the whole incident on camera and posted the video to YouTube.

Later, all charges were dropped against the Ferrari driver. No evidence existed proving the cop got his foot run over; in other words, it was all a fabrication by a psycho with a badge. Despite their lies crumbling, the cop was not charged for fabricating evidence, false arrest, nor for illegally damaging the man’s car. The cop in question, named Felix Recio, was also later arrested for committing a DUI. Additionally, he tried to cash in by suing the Ferrari driver in civil court for $10 million, that too went nowhere.