Nigerian pedophile and scammer caught in Thailand

He won’t be sending you scam emails anytime soon!

Thai police has captured a Nigerian man who teaches Thai children how to do 419 scams.

32-yr old Ernest Prince Okonkwo also known as Don Prince or as Tony Jamaica is a
Nigerian scam kingpin based in Thailand.Being a popular figure in the South-east Asian underworld for arranging accounts for 419 scammers to launder money ,he built his own estate and church on Laos border ,Thailand, as well as running a small coffee shop as a way of covering up for his illegal business.

Reports say he has connection with other Nigerian scammers in
Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia.

He was caught with his female counterpart named Candy who has sexual relationships with many Nigerian gangsters in Bangkok.Candy met Don Prince in a night club after satisfying her Nigerian drug dealers.