Zombie apocalypse prank

Even knowing it’s a set up prank, it’s still pretty frightening.

This time of year really brings out some of the scariest pranks, and it’s hard to beat these zombie pranks from Poland’s SA Wardega YouTube channel. You might know SA Wardega from the massively viral Mutant Spider Dog prank last month that got 100 million freakin’ views. This prank might on track to beat those one, since the last part is one of the freakiest pranks I’ve ever seen.
Zombies just aren’t getting the attention they once did. A few years back they were the poster boys for the Internet’s fleeting obsession with all things apocalyptic.
A few heart-breakingly disappointing seasons of The Walking Dead later and the Internet’s poor attention span means the dead heads are not getting the love they once did.But in a epic PR stunt not seen since Lazarus rose from the dead, the zombies are back and determined to reclaim their fame