Decapitated head prank!

Awesome trick! Magician freaks out bystanders.

Magician Rich Ferguson recently took his headless prank to the streets to help people get into the Halloween spirit.

Fortunately, he also freaked a lot of people out in the process.

Magicians have been doing the severed head trick for longer than most of us have been alive. Consequently, it’s really hard to overtly one-up everything that’s come before, but thanks to creativity and plenty of yoga, Rich Ferguson may have actually distanced himself from every creepy guy with fast hands in the world. The combination comedian, mentalist and magician recently hit up the streets to show off his new trick, and not surprisingly, it drew plenty of reactions.

I have no idea how many hours it took Rich to learn this or how many women he lost out on sleeping with by having a weird hobby, but it was all worth it. Check out this madness!