Crazy magic in the hood!

Real street magic!

YouTube magician Christopher James headed to Compton to perform some street magic and proceeded to blow everyone’s minds.
James had always been interested in magic as a kid, but his budding career came to a halt after attempting a trick for his class as part of a book report on Harry Houdini during which he accidentally got pantsed by his second-grade teacher—a story in which he goes into detail in one of his vlogs.

He’s cut off from the magic community, which is largely in Las Vegas, but he’s close in proximity to Los Angeles, where much of the YouTube community is located. James says he prefers close-up magic over stage magic, as he’s able to connect with people on a smaller level, but how does that translate to YouTube—a platform that’s not really made for magic of any scale?

With the participatory nature of magic today, it can be a lot harder for it for people passively watching on a screen, but for him, that’s a challenge he relishes.

“Online it’s a little bit different because you lose that personal one-on-one connection,” James said. “So I think that’s the biggest obstacle that I’ve come across with magic on videos, but it’s a fun obstacle to come around because I’ve never had to come around it before. That’s one thing about magic: getting around it and making the impossible possible.”