Cop talks man from jumping off bridge

“You’re okay, it’s over”

A police officer saved the life of a suicidal man, who was preparing to jump off the top of a bridge near Raleigh, North Carolina.

Police officer Dan Hicks was having a quiet day at work when he got a call reporting that a man was standing on the outer rails of the highway bridge.

The astonishing video footage shows Hicks persuading the man, who has not been named, not to jump before he gives him a large hug after he climbs back on to the road.

Arriving at the scene, the police officer recalled how he was quick to approach the man calmly and try not to panic him.  

‘I introduced myself by my first name and at that point we were just two people.’

‘In my mind, I had already made the decision that he was coming over to my side of the bridge.

‘And thankfully, he took my compassionate statement to say you can come back to the other side of this bridge with me,’ Hicks continued.

‘When I was pulling him in tight, the only thing that I said to him was that you’re okay and it’s over.’

The hug epitomises the motion of the scene, with the two men tightly embracing each other after the dramatic event.

Hicks said he hugged the man because ‘it’s what he needed’ and reflected that he must have been in ‘a very dire position.’ 

‘I think he had some very bad thoughts going through his mind about how he felt about himself, but I also think he wanted help,’ he said.