Girl tells her boyfriend she was born a man prank

If she was once a man, would that make him gay if he hadn’t known? :D

Man hormone is not unusual these days, girls wanting to be men – men wanting to be girls.  What is unusual is after a period off time in your relationship – your girlfriend turns around and says, i’m a man.  This is beyond crazy, can you imagine your girlfriend telling you she was born a man sometime in the relationship, what would your reaction be?  The way this guy reacts has me on the floor rolling and laughing – He actually says ”if you’re technically a man, that means I can punch you!” – the guy has no remorse what so ever for his manfriend/girlfriend until she tells him he is being pranked and that she was born as a woman and not a man.

To be honest, if she was born a man – there would be no way she would be as hot as she is, unless tech has upgraded to transformers level.

It’s funny to see some of the reactions.