Bodybuilder vs Strongman training ft. Elliott Hulse & Kali Muscle

How strong is really a pro bodybuilder compared to a pro strongman.

Body builders are known to be strong and focused men. They have huge bodies and great muscles throughout their bodies; it is like they develop themselves like Hercules in order to hold the earth on their shoulders. When a bodybuilder is doing weightlifting you know that he is also capable of trying that by holding any heavy object but that is not really true because bodybuilders go for specific muscle training.

In comparison to what a strong man does is that they emotionally build themselves along with their bodies and their bodies are not targeted workout based rather they focus on their entire physique, they do strength training that give them more endurance to face and bear pain as a bodybuilder that are more like show models who can only show their muscles but do not know how to utilize them. So to think that a strong man will lose against a bodybuilder is completely wrong because a strong man knows what his body is capable of rather than a builder who is just a good looking model. The example between Kali and Elliot explains it all, seemingly Kali proves to look bigger and stronger but in nowhere near does he have as much strength as Elliot does.