Bear riding motorcycle in Russia

Just a normal drive, on a normal road with normal traffic until this happens…

Guys, we have all taken a drive. You know, fuel up the car, pick up your girlfriend and hit the highway.  Just being together with the sun shining and radio playing songs that mean so much to you both and there isn’t a care in the world.  Taking a drive is happy and rarely is it something to write home about or tell everyone about, a drive is just a drive and some personal time between you and your loved one.

But what happens when you see something totally out of the ordinary on the road. What happens when you are cruising along and then up ahead you see something in the distance that just doesn’t look right?

This is exactly what happened to this unsuspecting couple in Russia.  Just a normal drive on a normal highway, they could be anywhere in the world. Cruising along when up ahead they see something.  On a yellow motorbike just pootling along they see what they think is a bear, a grizzly bear on a motorbike.

They get closer and yes they are right.  Looking astonished at the site they burst into laughter at the amazing site of a grizzly bear riding a motorcycle.

The female passenger reaches for her phone and snaps a pic of the bear, just to prove to her friends that this really happened. The bear turns and then proceeds to show them the middle finger.  The couple burst into laughter. Who on earth would believe that a bear was riding a motorcycle down the freeway on a sunny afternoon and then when snapped by a cell phone shows the middle finger?

Whilst couple are laughing the bear opens up the throttles and speeds off into the distance.

See what you think. Is this a bear or not a bear on a motorcycle?

By Matt Newnham