Balling in jail

They got more food than your momma at her house!

You might have an idea of the life inside of jails through different crime and patrol reality shows that make it to the screen. You know that the life within those boundaries isn’t easy. That the people inside get in to fights are beaten up by police and are living lives of hostages.

But this video right here will prove all those TV shows wrong for these inmates right here life is no less than home. Apparently the first concern is how the hell he got a mob to make a video out of it. Next, you can see the almost all the prisoners are free to roam and are not locked up in their rooms. Yes, we know they get a chance to go out once a while but this didn’t seem like once a while to me. The piles of food, sodas, instant ramen, twinkies and what not, this doesn’t seem like a jail room to me. Come on, that’s home. That’s exactly how I or many other free people live, why criminals are treated with such VIP food supplies and that too in such huge quantities. Seriously, this didn’t exactly make me mad but rather I feel sad now since I can’t stock this much food back at home.