Awkward Train Situations Prank

This guy is a legend!

Awkward Train Situations  –  video clip filmed over the course of two weeks on Brisbane’s suburban train network. In one scene, the young funnyman saunters onto the platform in a towel, brushing his teeth. Later, in a similar state of undress, he’s filmed foaming up shaving soap and shaving his hairy legs while seated in the middle of the carriage.

He does it for laughs, and for his mate’s video camera – the conduit to his hoped-for YouTube stardom – but young Van Oyen admits public reactions to his situational spoofs are less than positive.

Of all the clips filmed for his Awkward Train Situations clip, Van Oyen said the leg-shaving was the hardest. And though some of his clips involve impersonating a ticket inspector and vomiting on a carriage, the young prankster says he’s never had a run-in with Queensland Rail personnel.

However railway transport laws strictly prohibit passengers from creating a disturbance or nuisance. Obstructing other passengers is also against the law.

“I guess I’m just lucky,” Van Oyen said.

“I am a little worried that there could be a backlash – a lot of people tweet negative things about the Janoskians and their behaviour – though they’re a lot more famous than I am.

“Generally I get a pretty good response from the people who watch my videos. I want to be an actor one day – that would be the ultimate. There are a few people who recognise me from my other videos – my mates all tell me I’m crazy.”