Angry Employee Crushes Boss’ Mercedes at Work

What happens when you don’t pay your employees

We’ve all had issues with our employers, it’s inevitable. However, how we handle those issues is what makes us either good or bad employees, and it’s safe to say the man in the following video is a bad employee.

It’s unknown where this takes place, but during a broadcast from what appears to be a stone quarry or other construction yard, a man is being interviewed by a news team when out of nowhere a giant excavator comes into the pictures and completely flattens a Mercedes-Benz belonging to his boss

As the man in the hard hat is talking to the reporter, they both notice something going on behind them. The man has a shocked look on his face as the camera pans away from him and shows a white Mercedes that has a massive piece of equipment descending upon it.

After several attempts, the operator of the machine successfully crushes the vehicle, leaving it completely flattened.

While it’s understandable to have an issue with your boss, this seems rather extreme. After all, a single paycheck isn’t worth anywhere near what the car was, but it’s probably safe to say the boss paid his employees on time after that .