9 years old, cute but deadly

Britain’s Got Talent 2015 – Karate Kid Jesse.

Sweet, Innocent and with the absolute “Aaahhh cute” factor, 9 year old Jessie-Jane McParland is not what she seems.  Sweet as sugar she may well be but she hides a secret that the world is about to be exposed to.

In her own words “I would love to impress Simon Cowel because he’s the boss of One Direction”  and of course the thrill of being cheered on by a large audience is exciting.  This young lass exudes confidence and truly can’t wait to perform her act.

Being the first daughter in an Irish family J-J as Jessie-Jane is affectionately called was expected to become a ballet or Irish dancer but despite here clear dance ability she “didn’t like it”. It was at this point that what is her unique act began.

As she chats to the judges on the world’s number one talent show JJ has the audience, and it seems Simon eating out of the palm of her hand and Simon wishes her “Good luck”.  JJ walks off stage to collect her prop and the judges comment on “her dinky little” feet as she comes back on stage ready to perform.

JJ lets out a cry and unsheathes a samurai sword, the judges and audience are gobsmacked.  Simon looks on not believing his eyes and the girl who was to be a ballet dancer starts to swing her sword with war cries that completely defy the cuteness that was seen just seconds ago.

With some wild swings of the sword Jessie-Jane strides across the stage and then performs a series of somersaults and gymnastic moves with her sword in hand. The audience and the judges are amazed and the cute little girl with the “dinky feet” leaps into the air and does a full somersault landing in a perfect gymnast pose.

With a series of choreographed cries, some controlled wild swings and final leap into the air with a backwards somersault Jessie-Jane lands with a controlled thump and lets out one final cry. Then stood dead still with her sword in her hand she stares hard into the audience and the judges… fearless!

A gentle Japanese bow of respect ends the amazing act that brings the audience to their feet and the 9 year old bundle of cuteness returns and smiles.  Ant and Dec in the wings feel certain it is best to stay on her good side and Simon asks “Do you want a job as my security guard”  clearly amazed at what he has just seen.

A clearly impressed panel of judges have a few jokes and express their delight in what they have just seen and then for the moment of truth….

“Jessica it’s 4 yeses”

Watch how she blew the judges and audience away!

Written by Matt Newnham