13-year-old boy’s prison experience

This program is reeeeally helpful to some “tough” kids.

Ethan’s family sends him on a prison tour in the hope that it will help him the way it helped his older brother. Watch highlights from his tour in this web exclusive from “Floyd, GA: Dep. Lyle Lays Down the Law.”
“Beyond Scared Straight” follows teens who pride themselves on bad behavior ranging from theft, drugs, promiscuity,  gang affiliation, violence and arson. These defiant teens are forced to spend a day (and sometimes a night) in jail, interacting with convicted felons who give them first-hand experience of life behind bars with the hope that they see where the path of destruction they are headed down could lead them. Since the series’ inception in 2009, ‘Beyond Scared Straight’ has profiled 331 teens in crime prevention programs in 29 prisons and jails across the county.