12-year-old kid KO’d a cop with his bare hands

“I would have resigned if I was this cop”

A 12-year-old boy was taken into custody after allegedly leading police on a chase through a South Sacramento neighborhood and assaulting a police officer, according to authorities.

The kid that 12 year old kid who got arrested along with 2 other culprits is sadly wasting his time behind bars now for committing burglary right down the street and as soon as the cops spotted the three one takes a run with a speed that nobody could comprehend it. They said that it looked like poetry in motion because the witnesses saw that even the dogs couldn’t even keep up with him. But it got bad in the end when two dogs cornered him from both sides. One of the dogs got him by the arm and the test was history for him. The witnesses describe the entire scene to be something out of the movie.